Bringing big words to small kids!

Big Words, small stories is an animated tv series for 5-7 year olds that slides one big word into each silly episode in a laugh-out-loud way!

Based on the books written by Judith Henderson and illustrated by T.L. McBeth (The Missing Donut, The Travelling Dust Ball and Smell the Daisies, published by Kids Can Press), this series will bring the power of new words to small kids.

What kind of words, you ask? Bamboozle, gargantuan, hullabaloo, scrumptious, audacious, escapade, gibberish. Now those are really big words for pre-schoolers. But you would be surprised how little kids can learn big words in a heartbeat. Especially when entertained by quirky characters who get up to all sorts of silliness.

Cris, Crat, Oleander, Sally Mander, Davey, Abigail, Poppy and Chaz are a group of friends and their sidekick pets who live in the town of Colossus. They have very impressive vocabularies. That’s because the Sprinkle Fairy (who has a word factory) has been making and delivering big words to their town for years. When one of our characters is in a pickle, they’ll blurt out the most appropriate word for that situation – and it’s usually a big one.

Stories like, Cris and Crat are surprised when some cheeky chipmunks BAMBOOZLE them out of their boombox!

Poppy enters a pizza making competition and is determined to make the most GARGANTUAN pizza ever!

Children’s Animated TV Series

Season 1 – In Production

No. of Episodes:
Season 1 – 65 x 5′

Big Jump Entertainment and Telegael Teoranta.

ABC (AUS), TVOkids (Canada), SRC (Canada), TFO (Canada), Knowledge Kids (Canada).


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