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In Arkana, a mystical sanctuary protecting the last few survivors of every extinct species on Earth, Dave the dodo meets new arrival Pari, an impressionable young flying squirrel. A born joker, Dave jollies Pari out of her post-extinction funk and the two become fast friends, pulling pranks and shaking up the otherwise stuffy Arkanan routine. But when Dave attempts the ultimate stunt – venturing out into the real world – they’re spotted by an unscrupulous human… And suddenly the Arkanans aren’t just extinct, they’re endangered as well! Pari is captured and whisked away to face who knows what fate… And Dave must risk everything to rescue his friend and save Arkana from the unthinkable: an invasion by the very species that drove most of them to extinction in the first place.

Animated Children’s Feature Film

Film completed:
In Development

90-110 minutes