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About Us

Moody Street Kids was established in June 2002 in Melbourne, Australia by Gillian Carr, former GMTV (UK) and has become one of the leading award-winning kids’ television producers in Australia. Moody Street Kids specializes in creating, developing and producing original children’s animated content. Since 2002, Moody Street Kids has been in production continuously and produced hundreds of hours of television. With a focus on creating opportunities and experience for emerging talent in the industry, we hope to use our platform as a company to help shape the future of the industry.

We have forged extensive partnerships with co-production partners across the globe and have established a core production and development team with collaborators in the US, Canada, Brazil, Asia and the UK. Our television series have been broadcast around the world, including Australia, Germany, France, Italy, Canada, South America, China, the UK and in the US (Nickelodeon US, The Hub). The strength and scope of our brand has helped us to create quality children’s content with an international appeal and a focus on strong females on screen and behind the scenes.


Melvin Soto


Bernice Ellis


Jemma Butron


Sonia Caldwell

Art Director

Alberto Bowers

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